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The D’AIR Project’s teen program is a ‘student earned’ after school aerial dance, cultural and movement arts program.  Aerial dance is a genre of dance that incorporates vertical space through the use of equipment such as suspended objects (trapezes, fabrics, ropes, hoops, ladders...) or large structures, adding a new dimension to dance. Aerial dance is a unique way to develop increased body awareness and flexibility and build core strength and lean muscle. Teens will find a safe at D’AIR, a healthy after school alternative, and a creative and social outlet that will foster valuable life skills. Some of these benefits include gained self-confidence, learning to work as a team, learning to trust and accept others, increased awareness and appreciation of diversity in our community, and a deeper understanding of the richness of other cultures. Students will learn to tap into their own creative thought process as they participate in choreography and show development, from concept to performance. In addition, all participants will learn how to be mentors, leaders and role models to other teens or new youth entering the DAIR Youth and Teen Programs or our to students in our community residency programs.


We commit ourselves to providing a safe space where students will flourish creatively, foster positive social skills, develop leadership skills, adopt healthy behaviors and form a sense of pride, responsibility, and ownership. Students earn their program by showing a high level of commitment back to the program, assisting in normal operations of the organization, helping with event production (sound, lighting, stagecraft...) and acting as mentors, teachers and leaders in the organization. Please read the information below to learn about our program and the application process.




FREE for those who qualify for free/reduced lunch school programs according to financial status  ($25 registration fee)

Full cost of the annual aerial dance program is $100/ month


We don’t turn any child away for inability to pay and offer additional reduced fees / waivers on need basis for those who don’t automatically qualify, please fill out the financial assistance questions on the online application or request a print out form email us at  





1. Students EARN their spot in our program by giving back to D’AIR’s community in the following way:

A. Mentoring: All teens are expected to act as mentors to members of our youth program and/or community partner organizations (minimum 2hrs per month – additional hours are encouraged and may be used as community service hours)

B. Work: All teens are expected to help out with the general operations of D’AIR through managerial, administrative and house keeping tasks. Either stay 30 min after class twice / month or come to a monthly work/play day. All teens are expected to help support other D’AIR programs including event productions and taking active roles in fundraising activities

C. Commitment to D’AIR’s teen initiatives: peer-to-peer HIV prevention / reduce the stigma campaign and working with Atlanta’s refugee community.

2. The organizations primary concern is for everybody’s safety and students agree to abide by all rules and take extra precautions to assure the safety of themselves and their peers. Failure to do so will lead to immediate removal from the program.

3. Regular attendance to classes, scheduled workshops, rehearsals and workdays is required to maintain a spot in the teen program. Students must communicate with their teachers if they are going to be late or miss class.

4. Students will actively participate in class activities and demonstrate a desire to learn and help each other. If students consistently demonstrate a lack of interest and effort they will be removed from the program.

5. Students will uphold DAIR’s values and treat their peers, mentors and teachers with respect.

6. Students will treat the space and program with a sense of pride, responsibility, and ownership for ultimately this is THEIR SPACE and THEIR PROJECT!



1. Inform staff of any changes in their child’s health or situation that would effect his/her participation

2. Inform staff of any change in address, phone number, family status or emergency contact information

3. Partner with DAIR and their child in promoting and encouraging their participation.

4. Volunteer (set up, run concessions, break down and cleanup, house manager or volunteer coordinator) for at least one production per year. Additional involvement is encouraged, either by contributing your time or money with efforts such as marketing, fundraising, raising community involvement or whatever your expertise might be. We ask that each parent commit to trying to raise funds for the organization by selling tickets to shows, finding sponsors, or helping with fundraising.



-Wear proper clothing for class (no jeans or baggy clothing that will get caught in equipment). Proper coverage is required.

-Cell phone usage is limited to before and after class and must be stowed during class!

-No food or chewing gum may be consumed during class. Healthy snacks are allowed before or after class as long as you clean up – no candy or sodas.

-Be dressed and ready to start on time. If you are late ask for permission to join class and you must complete the designated late warm-up on your own before joining class.

-Only get on equipment after you have warmed up and you have been instructed to do so. Always use a mat under you during practice.

-Always check equipment for any signs of wear and damage and that it is properly rigged before hanging from it – you are ultimately responsible for your own safety!

-At the end of class please rig back all equipment, throw away all trash, put up books in the library and tidy both the studio and back room. Log your attendance.

-Notify us of any changes in your medical or mental well being that might affect class participation. Notify us of any injuries that might occur during class and fill out injury log book.

-We have a zero tolerance for drugs or underage alcohol use in or out of class.

-Students must keep their grades up at school. If students are underachieving, expelled or suspended for any reason they will also go on a probationary period at D’AIR.



COMMUNICATE: Notify us if you are going to be late or miss class. Check schedules online regularly. Apologize to your teacher if you are late. Visitors are allowed but must be introduced and stay in the visitor section.

ACCEPT, RESPECT and NON-COMPETATIVENESS: Accept our differences and respect each other. D’AIR fosters a non-competitive environment. Please uphold this by assisting and encouraging your peers.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Keep a positive attitude and try hard. Everyone is capable of this work but it requires practice, perseverance and a positive attitude. You are only limited by what you think you can or cannot do.



We have moved to an online application process. Due to the limited sizes of our classes we mill not be able to accept every applicant. Acceptance into our program is based on the following criteria: 


1. New applicants must complete the online application form in its entirety


2. Priority is given to students

a. recommended to us by community partner organizations

b. who have completed our previous year’s teen program in good standing

c. entering grades 7-11th

d. who could most benefit by our programming and/or would not otherwise have access to such afterschool programs due to limited resources. At least 60-70% of teens accepted answer yes to questions 1-4 on our financial assistance form.



Note the first month is a trial period and students must demonstrate a willingness to work hard, act as team players and able to commit to our rigorous program




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