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FRIDAY, MAY 6th @ Canopy Studio (160 Tracy St, Athens)

5:00-6:00pm Demystifying Shoulder Mechanics ($25)

6:00-7:30pm Creative Aerial Hoop Technique ($40)

7:30-9:00pm Linguistics of Movement - Creative Aerial Improv ($40)

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SATURDAY, MAY 7th Available for privates (Athens in morning / Atlanta in afternoon)


SUNDAY, MAY 8th @ D’AIR (575 Boulevard SE, ATL)

11:00am-1:00pm Dynamic Mechanics: Silk/Rope Drops Technique ($60)

1:30-2:30 Demystifying Shoulder Mechanics ($20)

2:45-4:45pm Intermediate Hoop Technique ($60)

5:00-7:00pm Rolldowns, Release, and Rotation: Advanced Hoop Technique ($60)

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***Please check class descriptions and pre-requisites carefully.  If you are unsure if this workshop is appropriate for you, please email with any questions.


About Rachel Stewart:

Rachel Sable Stewart is in love with movement. They began their affair with performing as a teenager practicing street theater and object manipulation, and made it official when they attended the New England Center for Circus Arts as part of the Professional Track Program, with a major in aerial hoop and a minor in aerial rope. Since graduation, they have gone on to found Esh Circus Arts, Boston’s premier circus school, and have performed on stages up and down the continent, from intimate experimental shows to big­budget touring circus spectacular. In 2011, they were awarded Best Artistic Performance at the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in Denver, CO. Rachel loves the depth of understanding that comes from teaching movement arts, and they constantly look forward to the interaction and inspiration that come from working with their students.


Class Descriptions:

"Breaking the Circle: Creative Aerial Hoop Technique"

1.5hrs; $40

For low-intermediate through advanced bar aerialists

Want to break out of your habits and find new movements, positions, and transitions on the hoop? This workshop will use riddles and experimentation to challenge students' ideas of how they move around and through the apparatus. Class will end with students creating their own technically unique short movement phrase. 

Pre-reqs: Some hoop or trapeze experience required: students should be comfortable with in-air inversions, front and back balances, amazons, comfort working above, in, and below the hoop, and the ability to stay in the air for 2+ minutes.


"Linguistics of Movement: Creative Aerial Improv"

1.5hrs; $40

For intermediate through advanced aerialists

Find your creative, emotive voice on your apparatus! In this class, we will use games, riddles, and improv challenges to find new ways of expressing yourself physically. Expect to look completely silly and take yourself extremely seriously all at the same time. 

Pre-reqs: Students should be able to invert safely throughout the class, be able to be on their apparatuses for at least 2-3 minutes at a time, and have solid comfort and competence with at least foundational and advanced-beginner technical vocabulary.


"Demystifying Shoulder Mechanics"

1 hr; $25

A couple of bars and silks for people to shoulder shrug on

Pre-reqs: None!

Aerial work relies on your shoulders being versatile, strong, and flexible. Knowing exactly *what* is going on dynamically in that joint is essential to being able to use it well! This workshop will clarify shoulder anatomy and shoulder mechanics, and then talk about how that directly applies to aerial work. The last portion of the class will give students specific awareness and engagement exercises to use towards better movement and injury prevention in their aerial practice!


Dynamic Mechanics: Silk/Rope Drops Technique"

2 hrs; $60

For intermediate through advanced level silks and rope aerialists

Pre-requisites: Students MUST be completely comfortable with single stars, windmills, and single saltos. Students must also be able to invert cleanly in the air throughout the workshop.

Drops and dynamic movement are a highlight of vertical aerial apparatuses, but there is much more to them than simply dropping into the right wrap. This workshop will look at the elements of body mechanics that go into controlling the dynamic portion of a drop, breaking down rolls, dives, and combination drops. Students will learn different tools to manipulate their velocity and stop mid-drop! This awareness and control is essential for students to move on to bigger drops and complex combination drops.


"Intermediate Hoop Technique"

2 hrs; $60

For high-beginner through intermediate aerialists

Pre-requisites: Some hoop or trapeze experience required: students should be comfortable with inversions on the top of the hoop/in the ropes of a trapeze, front and back balances, and should be able to hang from bent arms for 15 seconds, knees into chest.

Discover what makes aerial hoop, or lyra, unique from its cousin, the trapeze. This workshop will explore different categories of intermediate technical vocabulary, and will use riddles and experimentation to challenge students' ideas of how they move around and through the apparatus. Class will end with students creating their own technically unique short movement phrase using some of the techniques learned in class.


"Rolldowns, Release, and Rotation: Advanced Lyra Technique"

2hrs; $60

For advanced bar aerialists

Pre-requisites: Students MUST have: straight-arm straddle ups, dead-hang pullups, pullovers, full long hang beats (front of beat must be above horizontal), full knee hang beats, solid front and back balances, and have familiarity with meathooks, milcircles, and hip circles. 

This workshop will take your lyra practice to the next level! Using progressions and breaking skills down into their component movements, students will begin to work with dynamic, momentum-based skills. Students who are already towards those skills will get the next step: students who are new to them will be given the tools to build up to them!




Workshops with Rachel Stewart

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