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aerial dance 

Our Story...

Established in fall of 2007, D’AIR is a 501c3 community arts organization currently located in the sanctuary of a beautiful historic church near the heart of downtown Atlanta, nestled in the Grant Park neighborhood.  Although entertwined in their path, the organization has two branches, the Company and the Project.  The Company is comprised of professional dancers whose focus is to present innovative works of aerial dance theater while acting as mentors to the youth and teens in the organization.  (for more information on the Company please please follow the link above to the separate website) The Project is youth-centric and community driven. Although the project has programs that serve adults and professionals, all the programs are ultimately in place to serve and empower our community's youth and teens by using aerial dance education and community performance opportunities as a unique way to develop positive lifes skills.


What is aerial dance?

Aerial dance is a genre of dance that incorporates vertical space through the use of equipment such as suspended objects (trapezes, ropes, fabrics, hoops, ladders …) or large structures (buildings, walls, sculptures…) adding a new dimension to dance.  Popularized in recent years by Cirque du Soleil, aerial dance is a merger of traditional circus arts and contemporary dance.


What are the benefits of aerial dance?

Aerial dance serves as a unique way to develop positive life skills...

Physically: Students build tremendous strength, flexibility and body awareness while having FUN.

Emotionally: Students learn to overcome fear on a daily basis and gain confidence as they learn to do the seemingly impossible. 

Socially: Students learn to put their trust in their peers and work together in a team of diverse individuals. Partner work required in aerial dance constantly re-inforces that 'every action has a reaction' which translates easily to social interactions.

Academically: Students learn about health and wellness, applied physics and how to tap into their creative thought process.

Ultimately, aerial dance will help positively shape tomorrow's leaders.




'I am no longer afraid to try new things' -  Keyvious A. (at age 13) 



Our Mission...

DAIR’s mission is to enrich the community by creating and presenting artistically innovative works of aerial dance theater and to foster positive youth development through movement arts and cultural education.


Our Vision... DAIR’s vision is to be a model program for youth empowerment, community development, and creative expression through aerial dance and movement arts. Our Way... Dream big, Accept a challenge, Inspire our children, Revolutionize our way.


Our Core Values... 

•  Collaborative Learning: at DAIR everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher, no matter how young, old, experienced or new.

•  Authentic Voice: at DAIR we express ourselves openly, honestly and humbly.

•  Compassionate Community: at DAIR we strive to move from an ego-centric to the altruistic mentality.

•  Accountability: at DAIR we are responsible for empowering ourselves, each other, and the community.

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